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 Colours   B-Black, Br-Brown, Bl-Blue, G-Green, M-Maroon, O-Orange,  R-Red  Sp -Speckled , W-White Y-Yellow

Grip  - P - Plain,  G- Single Grip, TG-Twin Grip  where they have a special grip these are specified

Weight   M- Medium, H-Heavy, H/M -Heavy/Medium. XH- Extra Heavy

Stamp Type B= Bullet or  Hexagonal  stamp

WB   World Bowls  Latest elliptical shape stamp  

Please ensure that the bowls you are interested in meet the stamping requirment of your local /national Competition. For stamping requirements   competitions, please refer to the web site of your governing body as the requirements are different in the  different Home Countries and also in some cases between Indoor and outdoor Associations.

“ Use For “ Following  discussions with Bowlers  using the site I have included a  "use  for"  Column   In which you can see  different letters  I, O, S.  I/O, O/S    These letters can be used as a guide for best use of the make and model

 I =Indoors ( the full length Indoor game ), O =Outdoors Flat Green , S = Shortmat (  the 10 or 15 yard carpets)  . Where you see O/S this means the bowl can be used for both Outdoor and Shortmat game , while I/O means the set  can be used Indoor and Outdoor

Please note  most Bowls can be used  for most purposes but generally some are better suited  to Indoor,  some to Outdoor,  some to Shortmat  . seldom does one set  of bowls suit all conditions .

Condition of Bowls

I will make every effort to describe the condition of the bowls accurately but If you  wish to see a photograph of a set of bowls to help  you assess their condition , I will arrange for a photograph to be taken and emailed to you.

As a Guide In the summary I use the following abbreviations  F, F/G, G, NN

F means Fair condition-  These  will have had regular use and have marks on the playing surface , any  chips  or deep  scratches on the bowls will be identified

F/G means Fair to Good -These will have regular use and the playing service will have normal wear and tear but no chips or deep scratches

G-Good  These Bowls will have no chips or deep scratches on the surface but will have lost their original shine and may have shallow surface markings.

NN -Nearly New  This bowls have no surface marks and retain the original shine of a new Bowl.

 Colours   B-Black, Br-Brown, Bl-Blue, G-Green, M-Maroon, O-Orange,  R-Red  Sp -Speckled , W-White Y-Yellow